Jamal kazemi

Biography of Seyed Jamal Kazem Ebne Mohsen

SEYYED JAMAL KAZEM BEN MOHSEN was born to an artist family in Tabriz in 1963. His father, Seyyed Ali Asghar Kazem Ben Mohsen (known as Mir Ali Asghar Chokesaz) was a reputable and famous person in Tabriz.

He has been interested in literature and story since his adolescence and he has had activities in the field of literature, poem, theater and sound and he also learned photography.

He worked with the press since his adolescence and his different works in literature, art, photography and news were published.

His photography works were exhibited in 22 team exhibitions and 14 individual exhibitions in Iran. His book under the title of "From The Peaks of Ujan" which is a precious series of photographs introducing the villages and interesting area of Bostanabad published with his endeavors in 2012.

He is a member of Tabriz Society of Photographers and Artistic Domain of East Azerbaijan and has cooperated as the inspector of Tabriz Society of Photographers for a complete period and now he is the director of Photographers' House of Islamic Guidance & Culture Department of Bostanabad